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Why The Hydraulic Machine Affect The Service Life Of The Gear Pump? Torgovnik

Unbalanced radial force is too large when the pump shaft bending, top gear and pump body contact friction; it has also accelerated the bearing wear, which is the main reason affecting the life of gear pump, gear pump in the hydraulic machine, in pressure on the circle gear is not equal, on the surface the high pressure chamber and the suction chamber at the outer circle and gear tooth profile under the working pressure and the pressure in the suction chamber, the radial clearance of addendum circle and the inner hole of the shell, can be considered by high pressure cavity pressure gradually decreased to grading suction chamber pressure, liquid pressure comprehensive effect of these results, the equivalent force for hydraulic machine a radial gear the gear and bearing load. The greater the working pressure, the greater the radial imbalance force. When the radial unbalance force is very large, the shaft can be bent, the top of the tooth contacts with the shell, and the bearing of the bearing is accelerated, and the life of the bearing is reduced.