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What Are The Steps Of The Hydraulic System Of Hydraulic Press?

Cleaning oil 1, selected: when the tank piping system is relatively clean, and can be used with the working fluid viscosity, the oil or the same, if it is found that the system is not clean, cleaning may be a little low viscosity oil cleaning.
2, cleaning oil: oil heating system attachment is easy to fall off, usually heated to 50 to 60 DEG C, cleaning pressure 0.2 ~ 0.4Mpa, the flow rate of clean oil is as large as possible, to facilitate the dirt.
3, installation: cleaning strainer filter circuit 50 ~ 100 in the entrance is installed, the oil return port 10 ~ 50 filter installation. Just the beginning of the coarse filter, after a period of time to wash gradually switch to a fine mesh oil filter, gradient filter. The cleaning time is generally 8 to 24 hours, every half hour to open the oil filter clean, and gradually replace the mesh filter and washing effect, low viscosity oil well, prolong the cleaning interval, cleaning equipment and cleaning pollution to reuse clean oil viscosity using a similar oil.
4, while the clean side with wooden hammer percussion, can promote the shedding rate of pollutants. Bending and welding of percussion instruments, but not too hard to avoid deformation and rupture of the tube.
5, discharge clean oil: after cleaning, as far as possible to eliminate the cleaning oil cleaning, including pumps, valves, pipes, and in the cooler of the cumulative cleaning oil. Loosen the pipe, blow up the compressed air, or add the working oil.