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Rapid Development Of Hydraulic Press At Home And Abroad

Automation, intelligent, to achieve the automatic diagnosis and adjustment of the system, with the function of fault pretreatment; hydraulic components integration, standardization, in order to effectively prevent leakage and pollution in four areas. As the two major components of the hydraulic press, the main engine and hydraulic system, due to the development of technology, there is no big gap between domestic and foreign models. Good process enables the machine to filter, cool and prevent shock and vibration. In the design of the oil circuit structure, the domestic and foreign hydraulic machines tend to be integrated and closed design, the cartridge valve, valve and composite components and systems in the hydraulic system has been widely used. In particular, the integrated block can be specialized production, the quality is good, the performance is reliable and the design cycle is relatively short. A new type of hydraulic components in recent years in the integrated block is developed on the basis of composition of the circuit also has its unique advantages, it does not require additional connections of the structure is more compact, the volume is relatively smaller, lighter weight without pipe connection, which eliminates the pipeline caused by leakage, vibration and noise. Logic cartridge valve has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, good sealing performance, low power loss, high speed and easy to integrate. It has been developed rapidly since the early 70s.