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Four Column Hydraulic Machine Vibration Way

First, on the bench plate thickening: we all know that the main cause of four multi function hydraulic machine vibration is a liquid cylinder stored in the larger the sudden release of energy. Therefore, the way to solve this problem is to try to reduce the storage capacity of the liquid elastic compression energy. So, in the plate work hydraulic machine and die with a certain thickness, the moving beam travel upward, thereby reducing the loss of volume of the working cylinder cavity when the load is suddenly, there will be a corresponding reduction in the elastic energy stored in liquid.
Two, the series hydraulic working cylinder plunger and plunger are divided into two sections, air way down, on the piston down together with the moving beam, contact workpiece, four column hydraulic machine cylinder into the oil outlet is closed, but under the pressure of oil cylinder chamber into the inferior vena oil discharge, the plunger is pushed and dynamic Liang together under pressure, when a sudden loss of material fracture load, on the plunger to remain stationary, only inferior plunger downward impact may have, but because the cylinder only need to meet the material requirements of cut off, plunger stroke without much, under the cylinder volume is relatively small, so the liquid elastic energy storage are relatively small, correspondingly reduces the impact of vibration.
In three, liquid oil hydraulic machine hydraulic control valve on the way to add a one-way throttle valve, through the conditioning of the throttle valve control, hydraulic control flow gap, to decrease the speed of piston motion control, also extended the hydraulic control valve of the main valve open time, open the main valve on the top of the first small unloading valve, and then open the top of the main valve, pressure relief time will be extended, which can eliminate the vibration, shock and noise.