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Different Uses, Hydraulic Cylinder Selection Matters Needing Attention

1, a single straight line motion using hydraulic cylinder to achieve is the most simple and convenient.
2, the requirements of the movement speed of the same situation, the use of double piston hydraulic cylinder; if there is a quick return requirements, it is appropriate to use a single piston rod cylinder, and can be considered with a differential connection.
3, a long stroke, the plunger can be used to reduce the difficulty of processing; long journey but the load is not large, but also consider the use of a number of transmission devices to expand the trip.
4, reciprocating swing motion can be used either swing hydraulic cylinder, can also be used straight line hydraulic cylinder connecting rod mechanism or gear rack mechanism to achieve.
5, clearance sealing piston hydraulic cylinder is not suitable for heavy load. When the gap between the cylinder and the cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder seal, the pressure of the hydraulic system should not be too high, the load should not be too large, otherwise easy to produce a large number of leaks, reducing the efficiency of the system. Too much load will significantly shorten the life of the piston.                            

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