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Cause Analysis Of Hydraulic Oil Pressure Low Four.

Why would the hydraulic machine oil pressure is too low there such a phenomenon? What is the reason? Now by the hydraulic machine manufacturer professional answering questions for you:
Four column hydraulic machine such as when the engine at full throttle, the torque converter is still less than the standard value of imported oil. The cause of this phenomenon are the following: the amount of oil, the oil level is lower than the inlet plane; pipeline leak or blockage; flow to the transmission oil too much; inlet pipe or the oil filter blockage; hydraulic pump wear or damage; oil net oil ~ ~ improper installation; foam; inlet outlet pressure valve can not closed or spring stiffness decreases.
The solution of the hydraulic machine oil pressure is too low, should first check the oil level; if the oil level is below the minimum scale, should add oil; if the oil level is normal, should check the oil inlet and outlet pipes with leakage, if there is a leak, should be excluded. If the inlet and outlet pipe seal is good, should check the working pressure of inlet and outlet valve, if the inlet and outlet pressure valve can not be closed, should remove it, check the parts have no crack or damage, oil and the oil hole is blocked, and the stiffness of spring is smaller, and found that the problem should be resolved in a timely manner. If the pressure valve is normal, the hydraulic press should remove the oil pipe or strainer to check. If there is jam should be clean and remove sediment; such as pipe flow, need to check the hydraulic pump, if necessary, replace the hydraulic pump if the hydraulic oil foam, the installation should check back to the oil pipe, such as the oil return pipe below the level of the oil pool, should be re loaded back to sleep tubing.

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