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Balance Circuit And Buffer Function Of Hydraulic Press

Many actuator hydraulic equipment is movement along the vertical direction, the hydraulic system of hydraulic equipment either at work or stop, always will be larger actuator gravity loads, if no response to measures to balance the gravity load balance out, will cause the execution device of hydraulic equipment to decline or operation when the action is out of control, the consequences will be very dangerous. Balance loop function is to enable the hydraulic actuator of the return line always keep back pressure, to balance out the gravity load on the actuator hydraulic actuator force, so not because of gravity to decline, achieve a smooth and reliable control of the hydraulic system of hydraulic equipment.
Hydraulic cylinder buffer circuit
1 loop description
The utility model is provided with an adjustable bidirectional buffer hydraulic cylinder, which can reduce the impact and vibration, realize the buffering and the buffering action is reliable.
2 features and Applications
The utility model is suitable for the working condition of the fixed position of the buffer stroke, and the buffering effect is adjusted by the buffering device of the buffering hydraulic cylinder.
Two, accumulator buffer device
1 loop description
The accumulator is used for absorbing the hydraulic impact generated by the displacement of the hydraulic cylinder due to the sudden change of the load. When the impact is too large, the accumulator can be eliminated by the safety valve.