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What is the current development of the four-column hydraulic press?

Many people say that the current four-column hydraulic press is very easy to use, but for the manufacturers, they have a big threshold to go, that is, how can the cost of such products be able to make themselves The products are better recognized, while the cost can be effectively reduced, making it easier for people to use? At present, domestic manufacturers are working hard in these areas:

The first is the development of new materials, this has been in progress, many large manufacturers have even set up their own research and development centers, please go to international and domestic well-known experts to conduct certain cooperative research, specifically looking for any quality At the same time, there is a good guarantee in performance, and the cost is not too high material to make the four-column hydraulic press.

Secondly, the manufacturer has also made efforts on another aspect, that is, pay attention to the service life of the four-column hydraulic press, because if it can be used repeatedly, then the practicality of people will be relatively effective. The improvement, then relatively lower the cost of production, so that people are more willing to buy, this is the two aspects of the current manufacturers are working hard, I believe will also play a good effect.

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