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The advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic gear pump

Four column hydraulic machine is a kind of liquid as the working medium, according to the Pascal principle is used to transfer energy to achieve a variety of process machinery. The hydraulic press is composed of three parts: the main engine, the power system and the hydraulic control system. Hydraulic machine is divided into the valve hydraulic press, hydraulic press, hydraulic press.
Advantages of hydraulic gear pump:
1, simple structure, good manufacturability, low cost.
2, compared with the same flow of other types of pumps, compact structure, small size.
3, good self-priming performance. No matter in high or low speed, even in the case of manual can reliably realize self absorption.
4, large speed range. Due to the pump transmission and gear are basically balanced, in the high speed will not produce greater inertia force.
5, the oil in the dirt on the work is not serious, not easy to be killed.
Disadvantages of gear pump:
1, low working pressure. Gear pump, gear, shaft and bearing on the pressure imbalance, radial load is large, limiting the pressure increase. Gear pump is mainly used in medium and low pressure system.
2, low volume efficiency. This is due to the large leakage of the gear pump.
3, large flow pulsation, causing pressure pulsation, so that pipes, valves and other vibration, noise.