Frame Hydraulic Press

Special Hydraulic Press for Frame Type Automobile Longitudinal Beam Pressing

Special Hydraulic Press for Frame Type Automobile Longitudinal Beam Pressing

Main features: ◆It adopts the servo control technology: A, energy saving 20% ~ 50%; B, C, noise less than 75 decibels; temperature less than 22 DEG c; ◆The pumping station, the electrical box is installed on the machine body, integral structure, no disassembly, convenient transportation and...

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Characteristics:Thismachineissuitable for the automobile carline stretch craft,also may be engaged in other metal thin steel plate suppressions to take shape as well as craft and so on adjustment.

 This machine has the independent actuating unit and the electrical system,uses the PLC control technology,the button common control,may realize the spot to move, manually, the semiautomatic thress operating mode.

 This machine working pressure,the suppressed speed,the travelling schedule scope may carry pn the adjustment according to the technological requirement.

 This machine uses three Liang Duozhu the structural style four sides,three Liang uses the welded girder to carry on the aging treatment of metal,the machine mold,entire machine structure simple,the contour is artistic.The hydraulic system uses the integration to insert installs the system and the proportion control valve valve unifies,may realize the current capacity in a big way,the synchronized precision high request,also structure sinple,compact,the movement keen is reliable,is advantageous for the breakdown diagnosis and removes.

 On this machine dynamic system sets,reduces the machine the area,Puts up the main beam all around is equipped with the security guard rail,and has crawls the ladder,is advantageous for the installment and the service.


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