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Nantong Gui Long machinery manufacturing co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic press and various forging machine tools. Located in the coastal open city Nantong, next to Shanghai to Yantai 204 national road line and Jiangsu 328 provinces and counties. The airport flight can go through to Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao and other places, shipping line has the tong yang canal straight through the Yangtze river, the traffic is very convenient. Enterprises relying on many years to research and production of hydraulic press and forging equipment, using four column universal press, high performance magnetic material forming press, automatic powder forming press, sheet forming press, automobile longitudinal forming press, fiberglass liquid forming press, etc. Enterprises can also design and manufacture all kinds of special hydraulic press, formwork and product line based on the specific requirements of users. Enterprises have a number of years of service and are familiar with the development and design of magnetic materials, glass fiber materials, powder metallurgy, sheet tensile and other industrial equipment, and establish good collaborative relationship with many universities and scientific research institutions, product development strength and technical service strength. The company currently has more than 21,000 square meters of plant area, the main production equipment has fall to the ground boring machine, longmenpao milling machine, internal and external grinder, large lathe and other key production equipment of forging machine 96 ( sets ). Enterprises with advanced technology and continuous innovation spirit and perfect process guarantee measures, comprehensive.